Demand Creation

In public health, demand creation is widely used to promote life-saving products and services, like PrEP, condoms, HIV-Self Test Kits, ARTs and many others. Through effective communication approaches, myservice studies, creates and delivers messages of correct, evidence-based and timely information with a purpose of educating and raising community awareness on matters pertaining to public health promotion, prevention and treatment programs both in Tanzania and the world Our work is built on audience Insights that offers us a deep and intuitive understanding of a people’s behavior, attitudes and preferences. This helps myService to understand how to meaningfully motivate and connect with the target audience in our communities. Hence through our qualifiefied professionals, you can trust myservice to develop communication programs that carry effective and actionable strategies for your project, so that you realize what it means to operate through right media channels and hence see sustainable and long lasting impacts from your public health programs.